What equipment do you need for triathlon?

  1. Swim: Swimsuit/shorts & goggles and your Shires swim hat for the pool and a wetsuit for open water
  2. Cycling: A road worthy bike and a bike helmet 
  3. Running: Run gear and a pair of running shoes

Do I need to be experienced to take part in club training sessions?

We cater for beginners to experienced triathletes.  You need to have a good basic level of fitness to participate in the runs and the cycles and be able to swim a consistent 400 metres in the pool to attend swim training.

Do I need an expensive bike / wetsuit?

The most important thing with a bike is that it fits properly and is roadworthy.  An entry level road bike is fine or a second hand bike if you can get one.  It's advisable to get it checked over by a qualified bike mechanic before you train / race on it.  You can hire wetsuits and often then buy them at the end of the season if you want to.

Are triathlons expensive?

Some events can be a bit pricy so try to look for companies that offer free race vouchers as payment for marshalling.  This is also a great way to learn more about triathlon.